Mekanissa Showrooom

On the speed motorway from Lebu Traffic Light to German Square 

Call Us on +251-(0)113-69-8119                                         +251-(0)118-39-1590

Megenagna Showroom

On the road from Singnal to Megenagna
Call Us on +251-(0)118-82-9184                                         +251-(0)912-68-2851

Bambis Showroom

Around Urael, Next to Bambis Supermarket on Afework Building

Call Us on +251-(0)115-57-3363

Lebu (Construction) Shop

Lafto Sub City, Woreda 1, Around "Musica Bet"
Tel: +251-(0)114-71-3335

Alemgena Shop

Furi at Taxi Station, Around Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Tel:- +251-(0)118-33-7082

Kazanchis Shop

Infront of Urael Church on AB-Zone tower Thrird Floor, Room No 114 and 115
Tel:- +251-(0)118-34-6399

Merkato Shop

Around Tana Gebeya,Dir Building First Floor, Room No 10
Tel:- +251-(0)118-35-6926

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